Hydradermabrasion and Chemical




Effectiveness with No Discomfort

MesoJet takes liquids, medical or cosmetic solutions and accelerates them using pressurized air to supersonic speed.

The special Premium hand-piece breaks the liquids into micro droplets that reach the skin surface at 200 meters per second, providing a painless but very effective exfoliation.

Without any discomfort, downtime or redness, dead cells are carefully removed, skin texture renewed and immediately bright, purifyied, refreshed and glowing.



When a skin is particularly sensitive or very young the exfoliation procedure must be delicate accordingly. In such cases hydradermabrasion is much more recommended than a chemical peeling. 

With Jet Detox Water, the saline solution by Jet Solution, the practitioner exfoliates very carefully the skin outer layer but in a very delicate way. Having a lower content of salt, JDW is more delicate than normal saline solution. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid that hydrates, aloe vera that exfoliates, calms and leaves the skin with a silk-touch effect, silver oxdides that have an anti-bacterial purifying action.

MesoJet hydradermabrasion is a procedure anyhow highly recommended before all kinds of aesthetic procedures.

Chemical Peeling with Glycolic Acid

With MesoJet micro droplets‘ jet stream the practitioner achives superb results performing a chemical peeling.

Although Glycolic Acid is used, the exfoliation is never aggressive and the patient never risks any kind of irritation or redness. MesoJet is the only device on the market that enables to achive a five star peeling with zero downtime.

The practitioner may choose among three different products from the JetSolution line: Renewal Complex 1, 2 or 3, containing 5%, 10% and 16% Glycolic Acid, respectively.

These formulas also contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 that help avoid redness and itching sensationThis kind of exfoliation is recommended for thick to normal skins.

Mild chemical peeling with Mandelic Acid

When sensitive to normal skins are to be exfoliated or when an alternation with Glycolic Acid is needed, the perfect choice is Mandelic Acid: Renewal Complex 4.

This serum provides a mild but effective exfoliation that is also recommended during the sunny months since these ingredients do not make the skin react with light. Very indicated also for acne prone & oily skins.

 After a MesoJet exfoliation with Mandelic the skin is highly hydrated, nourished and extremely glowing. Right from the first treatment the result is immediately visible and further increases session after session providing a long term benefit.



Discover MesoJet Radiofrequency and get immediately visible amazing results from the first treatments.

MesoJet is a CE certified medical system.

The new Premium Handpiece 2.0 is arrived!



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