Mesojet Radiofrequency

Targeting New Formation of Aquaporis, Collagen & Elastin

MesoJet Radiofrequency is the result of a long time research aimed at developing a special RF system capable of increasing skin permeability.

Capacitive monopolar & bipolar system for body and face treatments through innovative handpieces with a special ceramic head ensuring maximum conductivity and total safety at the same time.

Equipped with 91 predefined modes for a full range of face & body treatments.

Special protocols have been developed for the combination of RadiofrequencyHydroporation functions aimed at achieving a five star long lasting anti-aging result.

Targeting the new formation of aquaporins, special proteins that are vital for skin elasticity and tone

Skin elasticity and tone depend also a lot on the level of water in the epidermis. This is the reason why aquaporins, water channels that can be externally regulated to control the water flow to and from the cell, play such an important role. MesoJet radio waves induce parasitic currents in the water dipole molecules, there by relaxing the hydrogen bonds. A flow of water reaching the deeper levels of the epidermis is thus created in the aquaporin channels. Moreover, the layout of protein structures in the water channels is modified and the aquaporins are enlarged.

Increasing skin permeability for an optimal absorbtion of nutrients

MesoJet Radiofrequency has been developed with special settings that generate a controlled heating of the lipid bilayer that allows the skin barrier to become more permeable to lipholitic and hydrophilic substances. Treated in this way, the skin is able to absorb much better the active ingredients that the operator chooses to deliver.

Bipolar Heating for Face treatments targeting:


Cutaneous Laxity


Skin Tightening




Face Contouring


Skin Texture Improvement

Monopolar Serial Heating for Body treatments targeting:


Cutaneous Laxity


Body Contouring







Innovative handpieces with a special ceramic head ensuring maximum conductivity and total safety at the same time

Ceramic materials are poor conductors of heat, which is why they are used for example in the ISS heat shield in space. However, specially configured coherent radio waves can penetrate ceramic materials freely; in that way only the skin barrier is explicitly heated to the required temperature in a controlled manner.

This characteristic makes the treatment with MesoJet ceramic handpieces extremely effective and, on the other hand, totally safe because with zero risk of burns.

Face Handpiece

Handpiece Ceramic Head

Body Handpiece

Mesojet radiofrequency is equipped with 91 predefined modes for a full range of face & body treatments

26 specific predefined modes targeting radiofrequency + hydroporation combined protocols are also included in the software

MesoJet Radiofrequency + MesoJet Hydroporation: 

The ultimate combined protocol for a five star forever young skin

Many years as producers of anti-aging and funcional SERUMS and an equally long experience on the Hydroporation MESOJET and JETPEEL Systems, have enabled us to develop state-of-the-art specific protocols to combine RADIOFREQUENCY and HYDROPORATION treatments together.


The combination of RF and Hydroporation is a scientifically based protocol that targets deep, effective and long lasting rejuvenation results.

The skin barrier is renewed and repaired, wrinkles are reduced, age and sun spots are much less visible and the skin is boosted, up to the basal layer, with peptides, antioxidants and anti-aging effective active ingredients.

How they act together

MesoJet radio waves make the skin barrier become temporary permeable and the heat that the tissues produce trigger a process of regeneration stimulating collagen and elastin production and, as a consequence, also smoothing wrinkles.

The hydroporation performed, passing through the permeable skin barrier, allows to painlessly deliver unique active ingredients that reach the skin deep layers where they build a sort of “depot” that allows a long lasting action.


Hydroporation • Radiofrequency

A MesoJet version combining Hydroporation function with Radiofrequency function is available exclusively for few selected Countries.


Boosting RF results further

with the right conductive product

Considering that Radiofrequency is also a means to make skin permeable and to deliver active ingredients, the use of an enriched, top quality conductive product becomes of fundamental importance.

Developed in our laboratories and tested with Mesojet RF technology

Conductive Gel Cream

Specific for Radiofrequency, Ultrasounds, Diathermy, Tecar and Long Massages

Allow comfortable handpiece movement for the operator and a pleasant enveloping massage experience for the client thanks to its particular texture

Obtain skin toning through active ingredients, added to the formula, that target cell renewal and the correct stimulation of fibroblasts

It is a nourishing and hydrating cream, leaving a velvet finish on the skin. Its particular TEXTURE, that after some minutes, with heat, turns into gel, allows a long play time and continuous handpiece massage movement without need to add further product during the session. Its special formulation makes it a product with a good value for money because a small amount of product is needed to perform a full treatment. 10 ml are more than enough to perform a full face session.

Designed and developed for the use with RADIOFREQUENCY, ULTRASOUNDS DIATHERMY, TECAR. 

Precious Wave has been structured in order to withstand the heat, thanks to the polymer gel network that is resistant to temperature rise and frictions due to massage movements.

Precious Wave contains two main classes of functional ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:

A combination of Glycogen and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. These two actives work sinergically to tone and redensify the dermal layer.

A toning Plankton Extract that acts like a personal trainer and mimics an aerobic exercise session to redefine contours.

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Discover the very new MesoJet Radiofrequency and get amazing results from your treatments.

Mesojet is a medical CE.

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