Anti-Aging Complex 2

When using MesoJet Technology’s Anti-aging protocols, Complex 2 formula is the perfect complement along side the Complex 1. Complex 1 targets hydration and tightening – this is the first stage for dealing with aging skin. Complex 2 has many additional substances, which takes the treatment a step further.

Complex 2 is composed of: Vegetal Stems Cells, Algae extracts, Argireline, Betaine, Rice Protein, Buddleia Davidii, Soybean Protein, Thymus and other well know natural anti-aging ingredients.

The formulation has been carefully chosen using smaller sized molecules for better penetration and retention.

The formula also incorporates the innovative ingredients: Esapeptides and Pentapeptides.


Anti Aging Classic

Anti Aging Plus

Younger Skin Preservation


Arms & Tighs