Painless sub-dermal infusion of actives

effective delivery with no injection

MesoJet has revolutionalized the aesthetic medical industry in effectively delivering solutions transdermally without using needles, without any pain or discomfort.

MesoJet takes cosmetic or medical solutions, accelerate them using pressurized air to supersonic velocities and with a special patented handpiece breaks the accelerated liquid into micro-droplets.

The jet stretches the skin at the point of contact, causing “barophoresis“, which means that micro-canals in the epidermis broaden and allow for hydration and needle-free, effective, transcutaneous supplementation.

Several clinical studies, among them a histological test made with the infusion of our proprietary Solutions, demonstrate that MesoJet can transdermally deliver up to 1,4 mm depth with only 30 seconds of application and in a completely painless way.

The droplets of Solution immediately after the infusion

After 30 sec. of infusion the Solution penetrates at 1,4 mm depth

Special protocols can be developed to differentiate your Clinic and to offer unique therapies only available at your site.

Thanks to the unique active ingredients contained in the huge Anti-Aging Serums line, MesoJet targets hydration and moisturization, improves lines and deep wrinkles, skin tone, oxidized skins and is also much recommeded for young skin prevention.

Specific Protocols for particularly problematic skins can be developed as well. Acne prone & oily skin, very sensitive and couperosic skin improve in few sessions. Hyperhydrosis can be treated in a painless way as an alternative to botulinum toxin A injections.

Dull and lifless skins become bright and glowing right after the first session with the transdermal infusion of Whitening Complex 1

Age & sun spots improve treatment after treatment for a long-lasting amazing result.

A very pleasant and invigorating transdermal supplementation that targets stem cells to improve hair growth and reduce its loss, providing fuller and thicker hair.

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Mesojet è un sistema medicale certificato CE.


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