Supersonic painless technology for transcutaneous supplementation and skin rejuvenation

Monopolar and bipolar capacitive ceramic transducer Radiofrequency for body and face


It’s the result of a long time research aimed at developing a special RF system capable of increasing skin permeability.

Capacitive monopolar & bipolar system for body and face treatments through innovative handpieces with a special ceramic head ensuring maximum conductivity and total safety at the same time.

Equipped with 91 predefined modes for a full range of face & body treatments.


The advanced aesthetic treatment device that allows practitioners to administer a range of non-invasive, relaxing skin care procedures with outstanding results.

From lymphatic drainage through exfoliation to needle-free sub-dermal therapy, MesoJet is the most advanced and versatile skin therapy system on the market for bio-rejuvenation ans skin glowing treatments.


The medical device, CE certified, developed for the treatment of Acne and Keratosis.

MesoJet Medical allows Physicians to administer a non-invasive procedure providing immediate outstanding results.

With no needles, discomfort and downtime MesoJet Medical provides a careful exfoliation and significantly helps reduce acne and keratosis.

The state-of-the-art multifunctional technology

MesoJet Ceramic Radiofrequency


MesoJet Hydroporation: 


The ultimate combined protocol for a five star forever young skin



MesoJet Ceramic Radiofrequency


MesoJet Hydroporation: 

The ultimate combined protocol for a five star forever young skin

The combination of RF and HYDROPORATION is a scientifically based protocol that targets deep, effective and long lasting rejuvenation results.

The SKIN BARRIER is renewed and repaired, wrinkles are reduced, age and sun spots are much less visible and the skin is boosted, up to the basal layer, with peptides, antioxidants and anti-aging effective active ingredients.

MesoJet RADIO WAVES make the skin barrier become temporary permeable and the heat that the tissues produce trigger a process of regeneration stimulating collagen and elastin production and, as a consequence, smoothing wrinkles.

The HYDROPORATION performed, passing through the permeable skin barrier, allows to painlessly deliver unique active ingredients that reach the skin deep layers where they build a sort of “depot” that allows a long lasting action.

MesoJet is a brand of


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Discover the very new MesoJet Radiofrequency and get amazing results from your treatments.

Mesojet is a medical CE.

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